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Information Dissemination

EWICS TC7 organises SAFECOMP Workshops and Conferences which are now well known. This event was first held in 1979 (Stuttgart), then held successively in West Lafayette (Indiana-USA), Cambridge (UK), Como (Italy), Manchester (UK), Sarlat (France), Fulda (Germany), Vienna (Austria 1989), Gatwick (UK 1990), Trondheim (Norway 1991), Zurich (Switzerland 1992), Poznan (Poland 1993), Anaheim (USA 1994), Belgirate (Italy 1995), Vienna (Austria 1996), York (UK 1997), Heidelberg (Germany 1998), Toulouse (France 1999), Rotterdam (The Netherlands 2000), Budapest (Hungary 2001), Catania (Italy 2002), Edinburgh (UK 2003), Potsdam (Germany 2004).

Details of forthcoming events and conferences can be found in the events-diary.

EWICS TC7 has established links with a number of International and European Standardisation Committees, according to the wishes of the Commission of the European Communities. In addition informal liaison is maintained through the participation of TC7 members or the distribution of documents. EWICS TC7 has also formed liaisons with the European Safety & Reliability Association (ESRA) and the European Safety, Reliability and Data Association (ESReDA).

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