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Forthcoming EWICS Events

  • 10/12-Sep-2014 SAFECOMP 2014 in Florence, I
  • 08/09-Sep-2014 EWICS TC7 Autumn Meeting in Florence, I
  • 08/09-May-2014 EWICS TC7 Spring Meeting in Pisa, I
  • 06-May-2014 EWICS TC7 Workshop on Systems-of-Systems in Pisa, I

Recent Events and News
  • 22/24-Jan-2014 EWICS TC7 Winter Meeting in Delft, NL
  • 21-Jan-2014 EWICS TC7 Workshop on Safety & Security of Medical Sensor Networks
  • 24/27-Sep-2013 SAFECOMP 2013 in Toulouse, F
  • 25/26-Jul-2013 EWICS TC7 SG MDS Summer Meeting in Hall, A
  • 15/17-Apr-2013 EWICS TC7 Spring Meeting in Zurich, CH
  • 16/18-Jan-2013 EWICS TC7 Winter Meeting in Erlangen, D
  • 24/26-Sep-2012 EWICS TC7 Autumn Meeting in Magdeburg, D
  • 25/28-Sep-2012 SAFECOMP 2012 in Magdeburg, D
  • 30/31-Jun-2012 EWICS TC7 SG MDS Summer Meeting in Klagenfurt, A
  • 3/4-May-2012 EWICS TC7 Spring Meeting in Munich, D
  • 16/18-Jan-2012 EWICS TC 7 Winter Meeting in London, UK
  • 19/21-Sep-2011 SAFECOMP 2011 in Naples, I
  • 22/23-Sep-2011 EWICS TC 7 Autumn Meeting in Naples, I
  • 1/2-Aug-2011 EWICS SG OOSS & SG MDS Summer Meeting in Salzburg, A
  • 10/11-May-2011 EWICS TC 7 Spring Meeting in Rome, I
  • 19/21-Jan-2011 EWICS TC 7 Winter Meeting in Erlangen, D
  • 14/17-Sep-2010 SAFECOMP 2010, Vienna, AT
  • 18-Nov-2009 EWICS Workshop on Education & Training for Patient Safety: “Methods for Assessing & Monitoring Patient Safety Risks”, Warwick, UK
  • 15/18-Sep-2009 SAFECOMP 2009, Hamburg, DE
  • 25-Sep-2008 3rd EWICS Workshop on Safety of Programmable Electrical Medical Systems: "Assurance Cases for Medical Devices", Newcastle, UK
  • 22/25-Sep-2008 SAFECOMP 2008, Newcastle, UK
  • 8-April-2008 Joint Workshop at Warwick to the topic “Human Factors in Education & Training for Safety: Learning from Industry and Health“. Information is available on the webpage .
  • 18/21-Sep-2007 SAFECOMP 2007, Nuremberg, DE (see Attachment for presentation of Yves Paindaveine on "Security and Dependability in FP 7")
  • 02-May-2007 Joint EWICS/ReSIST Workshop on "Teaching Resilient Computing", Erlangen, DE (see ewics-resist-workshop-2007)
  • 27/29-Sep-2006 SAFECOMP 2006, Gdansk, PL
  • 28/30-Sep-2005 SAFECOMP 2005, Fredrikstad, NO
  • 12-16-Sep-2005 Summer School on "Architectural Paradigms for Dependable Embedded Systems" in Vienna, AT
  • 19-Jan-2005 Diversity Day 2005 in London, GB ( see diversity2005 )
  • 18-Jan-2005 EWICS Security Symposium in London, GB ( see security-subgroup-london-2005 )
  • 21/24-Sep-2004 SAFECOMP 2004, Potsdam, DE
  • 11-Mar-2004 website upgraded to new version of vanilla, allowing file attachment and fine grained user editing control. - Luke
  • 24/26-Sep-2003 SAFECOMP 2003, Edinburgh, UK
  • 23-Sep-2003 2nd EWICS Workshop on Safety of Medical Programmable Devices - 'Risk in Medical Systems', Edinburgh, UK
  • 10/13-Sep-2002 SAFECOMP 2002, Catania, Italy.
  • 22-Jan-2002 Symposium on Security of Industrial Safety Related Computer Systems, Boppard. security-subgroup-boppard-2002.
  • 26-28 Sep 2001 SAFECOMP 2001, Budapest, HU
  • 06-Jun-2001 SAFECOMP page created: safecomp using material from www.afm.sbu.ac.uk/safety/#SAFECOMP
  • 17-Apr-2001. New ewics website implemented in vanilla (vanilla-info), an online editable hypertext system.
  • 25-27 Oct 2000 - SAFECOMP 2000 Rotterdam, NL
  • 6-July-2000 1st EWICS Workshop on Safety of Medical Programmable Devices, Gatwick, UK
  • September 1999 - SAFECOMP '99 held in Toulouse, FR
  • 20-24 Sept 1999 - FM'99 World Congress on Formal Methods, Toulouse, FR
  • 28 June 1999 - Int. Symp. on Assuring Safety and Security of Safety-Related Computer Systems, Cracow, PL
  • December 1998 - creation of EWICS web site
  • October 1998 - SAFECOMP '98 held in Heidelberg, DE

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